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Data Recovery Services in Delhi
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Data Recover Services in Delhi

BRP Info Tech Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified advance Data Recovery Service provider. We are serving from last 2years to the companies of Delhi NCR region. BRP Info Tech Pvt Ltd is successfully stepping forward with great customer satisfaction for the service provided. Our professional is skilled and trained with their expertise, and is reliable, certified.

Our Data recovery service: - When a business can face a major loss of data, it's the worst things of business as data is one of the most important assets the businesses have. So to overcome or to salvaging the lost data is necessary. Here we play a vital role and try to salvage your lost data that may be corrupted, inaccessible or damaged. Data recovery is the process by which your lost data will be recovered.

Data Recovery process can be executed by our professional team having expertise with advance technology like Encryption, Hard Disk Drive, NAS, SAN, RAID Technology and Firmware & Hard Disks with damage head or media. Guarantee to No leakage of confidential matters. Teams are responsible and reliable.

Various types of data recovery offered by us, includes:

1. Any physical damage caused data loss of storage device.This could range from breaking of tapes to the metallic substrate or dye layer of CD-ROMs being scratched off or hard disks suffering mechanical failures like failed motors and head crushes among other damages.

2. Any logical damage to the file system which includes media error and corrupt system file.Media errors or damage to the file system or partition table can make the data on a hard drive to be unreadable.


We are offering no charge for diagnosis.

We are also offering online data recovery:

BRP Info Tech Pvt Ltd has opted for a method of data recovery to restore deleted or lost files. It is a method of data recovery that is performed over the internet without necessarily having the computer or the drive in possession. When using this method your data is regularly backed up online and therefore if any data is lost you are able to recover the last backed up version of your data. This method of data recovery is quite convenient although it is not quite common because it requires a broadband internet connection that is stable for it to be performed in the correct way.

Precautions to be taken - Once if it is found out by you that your Hard Disk has crash or if there are different problems with the disk, then our specialist data recovery team recommends you to follow some easy guidelines and then send the Internal or External Hard Disk drive to us. When Hard Disk Drive Crash then call our 24*7 helpline number: +91-9717393991